Fixed: Markplaats adverts


New Marktplaats adverts are indexed again!

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Marktplaats troubles

I’m aware there are some problems getting new advertisments from 

I hope to fix this asap!

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And…we’re back!

All problems are solved and GearHunter is filling its database now with new, fresh adverts for you to find!

Oh, and jet lags do suck.

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Houston…we have a problem!

I just came back from a 3 week holiday, suffering with a major jet lag and noticed that GearHunter isn’t updated anymore since last week.
It seems that the hosting provider where I host GearHunter did some updates and broke some things.And of course, they didn’t inform me 🙁

I hope things will be operational by tomorrow.
Watch this space and sorry for the inconvenience.

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Happy Holidays from Gearhunter

First of all, I want to thank you, the Gearhunter users, for making this year such a great year for the site.
Thank you all for the support and constructive criticism I got by mail, on the social media and on numerous Internet forums.
Your input will be used to enhance the site, making the search for your wanted instruments even better.

Happy Holidays and have a great 2014!
– Roland

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Updates everywhere!

It’s time to give this blog a swing!

And that’s the first update I want to share with you.
In this blog you will read future updates, changes and other things related to Gearhunter.
And if everything works fine, these updates will be posted at Facebook and Twitter as well.

The second update I which I want to share with you is that 3 new sites are indexed by Gearhunter since today.
These sites are Ebay Australia, Gumtree (UK) and’s Kleinanzeigen.

Don’t forget to enable them in the Settings page if you want to use them!

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